Prepare for Cleaning


Get the Most Out of Your Cleaning

In order for us to focus on your cleaning, you will need to put away all of your personal belongings and declutter all surfaces to be cleaned before we arrive. This will help you to get the best possible result. We may not be able to partially-clean a cluttered area due to liability issues.


It is important to prepare for your cleaning before we arrive:

  • Provide instructions for keys, alarms, and door codes, the day before we arrive to clean your home.
  • Pick up all clutter. Unruly paperwork, toys, dishes in the sink, clothing, shoes, or other clutter ... If you get these things in order, before our arrival, we can focus on cleaning.
  • Pets - Please find a good place for your pets so they are safe, and comfortable, while we clean your home.
  •  For health and sanitary reasons, our Team will not handle any human waste, animal waste, bodily fluids, or mold.
  • Any special cleaning? Please let us know, prior to our arrival.